Ramadân al-Sharîf is the month in which the excellent qualities of Islam become more apparent and are practiced by the believers.
Collective Ibâdahs (acts of worship) performed in various places are offered in this month with a sincere heart.
Some of the Ni’mah (gracious favours) of Allah Ta’âlā in Ramadân can be listed as follows: Performing Salâh in Jamã’ah (congregation), listening to the recitation of the Holy Qur’ân by the Huffãz. (people who know the entire Qur’ân by heart), attending Islamic lectures where the worldly and spiritual duties of man are reminded and explained, abstaining from useless activities as a token of respect to the month of Ramadân, taking care to treat people with kindness and compassion.
Those who cannot see each other due to daily occupations in other times find the opportunity to come together at iftar meals and Tarâwîh Salâh (prayers) thanks to Ramadân al-Sharîf and give Nasîha (advice) to each other and exchange their knowledge.
Those who are deprived of religious activities, Ilm (knowledge) and lectures during eleven months due to several excuses can learn a lot about the rules and manners of Islam during Ramadân by attending Muqâbalah (listening to the Holy Qur’ân) and lecture programmes.
Ramadân al-Sharîf is an excellent opportunity to instil the beautiful qualities of Islam in the minds of Muslim children.
Mugâbalah, Tarâwih Saläh, giving Zakâh and Sadagah (charity), waking up for Sahûr (sehri) meals, having Iftar with the elders leave valuable memories in the young minds about the signs of slam. Therefore, families should take full advantage of Ramadän to educate their children in Islamic acts and rites and involve them in such activities particular to Ramadân al-Sharif. The children should also join the congregation, listen to the recitation of the Holy Qur’än and the Du’ās. They should not be prevented if they want to wake up for Sahür (sehri).
in other words, parents should not lose the opportunities that will enhance the religious feelings and identity of their children and youth.


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