Rasûlulläh (sallall@hu alayhi wa sallam) said:

“Whoever attends a gathering of Dhikr (remembrance of Allah), Allah Ta’âla writes one Thawäb (merit) of Ibädah for each step he takes (while going to and coming from that gathering) and he will be together with me under the Arsh al-Ala (The Great Throne) on the Day of Qiyâmah

Whoever continues to attend the congregation (of Salãh) in the month of Ramadän, Allah Ta’âlâ gives him one city made of light (in paradise) for every Rak’ah he has performed.

Whoever shows kindness to his parents as much as he can, Allah Ta’âlâ treats him with mercy, and I become his guarantor.”

Whoever meets the need of a Muslim in the month of Ramadân, Allah Ta’âlâ meets a thousand needs of his. Whoever gives Sadaqah (charity) to a poor person with children and a family, Allah Ta’alä credits him one million rewards, erases one million of his sins, and elevates his degree in one million-fold.

Hadrath Anas (radiyallähu anhu) reported that Rasûlullâh (sallallâhu alavhi wa sallam) said: “Whoever moves forward comes out of his house) to meet his fellow Muslim brother’s need, Allah Ta’âl@ writes for him seventy rewards and erases seventy of his sins for each of his steps until he returns (to his home).”  (Nuzhah al-Maiâlis)

When Ramadân al-Sharif began, Rasülulläh (sallallhu alayhi wa sallam) would free the captives and give everything that people asked for. Whoever performs virtuous and righteous deeds in this month will fulfil numerous virtuous and righteous deeds throughout the whole year.

A person who spends the month of Ramadân al-Sharif idly without any form of worship will also spend the whole year like that.

The faithful should discipline themselves spiritually so that they are intent and eager to achieve many good deeds in this blessed month of Ramadân al-Sharîf.

At the time of Iftar (time to break fast), Rasûlulläh (sallällahu alayhi Wa sallam) used to read the following Du’a: “Dhahab-t-thamäu wabtallatil urugu wa thabatal ajru inshâAllâhu.

Performing the Taräwh Saläh and Khatim of Quran (reciting the whole Qur’ān al-Karim) are among the Sunnah al-Muakkadah hardly ever missed by Rasûlullâh [sallallähu alayhi wa sallam:

This will earn Muslims great benefits and rewards. May Alläh Ta°ala enable us to fulfil these good deeds for the sake of His beloved (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam). Amin.

(Maktubat Imam Rabbâni, V.1, Letter 45)


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