A Platform that connects Muslim Community

Muslim Connects is a platform to connect all the Muslims of the community. You will find all the listing of Masajids and Musallahs in and around Edmonton. Any Up coming Event will be available in the Events Option. The main concept behind this website is to bring all the Muslim on one platform irrespective to of their region and language .

The search engine is so powerful, that your can search anything by entering the keyword in the search option of this website, you can filter your search by selecting the options from filter. The listing is divided into different categories like Masajids & Musallahs, Islamic Institutions, Halal restaurants and grocery stores, Doctors, Trades, Consultants, Business Owners, Self Employed, and many more …..

If you want to list your business, you can sing in with your email address and a password and submit your listing. Once the listing is verified it will publish to public. It will take approximately 24 hours time to published your listing.

If there is any Event or Bazaar coming up in the City related to Muslims Community, you can find it on our website https://muslimconnects.com/events , If the Event is not available you can contact to your admin and send the details, it will be published within 24 hours of your email.

There is a section of Blog post https://muslimconnects.com/blog on this website, where you can find some informative post related to Islam, related to community, motivational speakers post etc., This section is also having an option to comment on the blog, if it is not abusing and related to topic it will be published. Even you can ask question to the author of that blog post. If he think to answer then he answer back.

On this website you will subscribe your email to get latest information, events and other community activities.

If you have any further query or concern please feel free to contact us at connect@muslimconnects.com

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