Hadith: Rasulullah Sallalahu alayhi wa sallam said ” When one of you visits his fellow Muslim brother and sits with him, let him not leave without taking his permission.
Munawi, Fayd al-Qadir

The love among the fellow brothers in religion(Islam) increases with their sincerity honesty, and loyalty. Sincerity among them leads to Wafa, which is the constancy in friendship and the highest level of love and sincerity. The prophet (SAWS) of Allah established brotherhood among his Sahabah (companions) through which sincerity and love increased and their support to each other strengthened. In this regard, Nabi (SAWS) said . “I advice you to take sincere and pure fellow brothers, for h they are (like) ornament to you at times of ease, and security at times of calamities.

“A person is strong with his fellow Muslim brother. there is no good in the friendship of a person who doe not want for you what he wants for himself.”

Umar bin Khattab(radiuallahu anh)) said :” Being in the company of fellow Muslim brothers eliminates sorrows.”

Khalid bin Sfwan said: “Indeed the most helpless among the people is he who cannot build brotherhood with people. The person is he who cannot build brotherhood with people. The person weaker than that is the one who ruins the friendship with his fellow brothers who should be beneficial to him (in worldly and religious matters)”

Ibn Mutaz said : ” When a person finds genuine brothers (in Din) for himself, they will support him (for all matters concerning they Dunya and the Akhirah). “Moreover, some Ulama (Islamic scholars) said: “The best preparation for a rainy day is to acquire loyal fellow Muslims brothers.”


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