Hadith: Rasulullah (SAW) said : “If anyone acquires knowledge that should be sought to earn the Pleasure of Allah Azza wa Jalla, but he acquires it only to attain some worldly gains, he will not even experience the fragrance of Jannah.”
Sunan Abu Dawud

Acquiring Knowledge and benefiting from it is only possible by holding knowledge in high esteem, revering people of knowledge (Ulama), one’s own Ustad (teacher), and the books. The scholars say that those who excelled in knowledge excelled because they observed reverence and those who lost their rank in knowledge lost their rank because of their lack of reverence.

Respecting the books means respecting knowledge. Hence, a seeker of knowledge should always use their books in a state of Wadu Shams Al Aimmah al Sarakshi (Rahmatullahialaye) on one occasion had to refresh his Wadu several times due to a health problem while studying at night. He never studied without Wadu. Because knowledge is Noor(light), so is Wadu, therefore WAdu increases light in knowledge.

Another aspect of reverence is sitting properly in a place where there are books and not stretching one’s legs towards the books. It is also imperative to write down the subject matter that is learned. However, the handwriting in the notes should be clear and legible. One day when Imam Azam Abu Hanifa Rahmatullahalaye saw one of his student, taking notes in an untidy, illegible fashion, he commented, “Do not write poorly like that if you live long, you will regret for writing poorly, and when you die people will not speak illm(Knowledge) of you.” In another worse, he mean when you get old and your eyesight become poor, then you will regret having untidy handwriting with too little or no space in between the world at all and those who try to read your handwriting after your death, will not be able to do so and will criticize you

More ever, the student must respect the Islamic scholars, and even their own Peers, studying together.

-Contecnt from the Book : Fazilet Calender 2022


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