Hadith: Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wa Sallam) said: “Be truthful all the time, for indeed truthfulness leads to good acts and good acts lead to Jannah.” – Sahih Muslim

Imam Azam (Rahimahullah) unhesitatingly observed the rights, justice, guided people to the right way, and was meticulous about folloing the orders of the authority. Once, the ruler of the time suspended him from passing Fatwas (legal verdicts) for some time. During that period, his son Hammad (Rahimahullah) who was also a great Faqih (jurist) and Alim, asked him some question at home on religious matters which he refused to answer.

Upon that his son said: “Father, there’s nobody here to see us and hear what we speak, Why don’t you just answer my questions?” He answered: “My son, if one day the Sultan asks me if I had ever passed Fatwas during my suspension, how can I tell him that I had never done son?


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