Aisyah’s Cake (Homemade Halaal Treats)

Aisyah’s Cake (Homemade Halaal Treats)
9357 Simpson Drive Unit 2216, Edmonton, Alberta, T6R 0N3

We are taking orders for Homemade Halaal Treats as follows:

1. Halaal Japanese Cheesecake (Chocolate or Cheese)
2. Halaal Dimsum
3. Halaal spring rolls
4. Halaal Fried Banana (traditional Indonesian snack))
5. Halaal fried tofu – filling with vegetables. (traditional Indonesian snack)
6. Fried Salad (traditional Indonesian snack)
7. Desserts/sweets or dishes by request (special occasion only)

• We use all Halaal ingredients.
• Please let us know of any allergies.
• InshaaAllah, orders must be placed at least 2-3 days before pick up.

Enjoooy! 🌹

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